This guidebook will help you to keep track of your nutrition preferences, training progress, body composition data and the goals you have set for yourself. It will also provide you with additional nutrition information, tips and tricks for eating out and travelling, goal setting, planning, and more!


Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 Macronutrients
3 Nutrition Tracker
4 Daily Water Tracker
5 Healthy Eating Tips
6 Ideas for meal combinations
7 Ideas for snack combinations
8 Keeping your Fitness and Nutrition on Track When You’re Sick
9 10 Tips To Help Incorporate Vegetables Into Your Day
10 Staying on Track When Traveling
12 Supplements Vitamins
13 Vitamins
14 Eating Out Options
16 Training
Training & Recovery
18 Training & Recovery Training Tracker
19 Training Tracker Monthly Planner
21 Monthly Planner Bod Pod Information
24 Bod Pod Information Body Composition Tracker
25 Body Composition Tracker Goal Setting
26 Goal Setting Personal Reflection
29 Personal Reflection
34 Notes


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