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Foundations of Personal Development

This self-guided online course is structured to be completed in a 4-week timeframe, with new week’s material released every 7 days. All participants are given an 8-week enrolment period to ensure adequate time to complete the course content.

This course also comes equipped with an optional downloadable PDF journal filled with reflective prompts for each daily lesson.

A completion certificate will be emailed to those who have completed all lessons.

Course will expire 8 weeks following your enrolment.

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The Foundations of Personal Development Course provides audio, written and video material discussing some of the main themes that arise in the beginning of many personal development journeys: habit formation, identity shifts, becoming a leader, creating a compelling vision, and cultivating courage and trust. This course dives into the teachings offered by well-known personal development Guru’s and is the perfect stepping-stone for those searching for better self-awareness and self-growth. Join this course and gain a fast-tracked introduction to some of the best teachings offered in the sphere of personal development.


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