Kirsten Peterson

Kirsten Peterson is a long term Perfectfit4u Health Coach with a passion for body confidence and lifestyle balance. In Kirsten’s spare time, you can find her in the mountains, hiking in the coulees, walking at the dog-park or kicking butt at a local group-fitness class.

Kirsten grew up heavily involved in athletics, participating in competitive ringette and team sports since the age of 7. As Kirsten ventured through adulthood and her Kinesiology education, her passion for the gym and fitness stemmed into a love for strength training and weight loss focussed nutrition. As Kirsten admittedly has struggled with her own weight and body confidence, she has used this passion to fuel her desire to guide and assist others attempting to come out of a setback or rut in their health journey.

As a graduate of the University of Lethbridge and Precision Nutrition © program in 2016, Kirsten’s in-depth education in both physical fitness and proper nutrition are an asset to clients with a variety of adaptations needed to their customized routines. As a long-standing coach with Perfectfit4u, Kirsten’s client demographic has continued to morph and expand. From allergy specific routines (Gluten, Dairy, Vegetarian, Vegan and the like), to men’s health, young athlete fitness programs and post-partum weight loss, Coach Kirsten’s ideal client is one with a desire to listen, implement and communicate while creating life-long change.

Kirsten’s goal as a coach is to promote a nutrition and fitness lifestyle with minimal restrictions that is tailored to each client’s specifications: a nutrition and training program that is adaptable, versatile and always puts an emphasis on a health-first approach. Kirsten is a results-driven coach who desires to see her clients reach their potential in the most realistic and sustainable manner possible.

Kirsten’s empathic nature, plentiful knowledge base and extreme communication skills places her as a top choice for many potential Perfectfit4u clients.

Kirsten’s Coaching Focusses:

> Women’s Custom Weight Loss Nutrition Routines

> Men’s Health

> Flexible Programming and Balanced Lifestyle Coaching


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