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From: $199.00 / month

Package Details:

  • Month to month coaching subscriptions 
  • Customized Nutrition Programming created by your PF4U Health Coach
  • Customized Activity/Workout Programming created by your PF4U Health Coach
  • Personal Development, Mindset Material & Accountability Trackers as needed and discussed 
  • Unlimited Email Access to your PF4U Health Coach 
  • Mandatory Check In’s with your PF4U Health Coach every 4 weeks throughout subscription length (Phone Call, ZOOM and FaceTime Check in Options Available) 
  • Progress Photos required every 4 weeks (or as per coach’s request)  
  • Updated customized programming following each official check in

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  • All members completing 1 on 1 Coaching will be required to choose a coach to which they will be accountable for the length of their program commitment.
  • 30-day written cancellation from your payment date to our administration team will be required in order to terminate your coaching payments.
  • The start date of your virtual program may be modified. Please leave a comment in the NOTES section of your purchase if you wish for your program to begin at a later date. 


Our coaching option will help you get the education and motivation you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to make dramatic life changes or finish that last mile, we can help. Our service goes well beyond meal planning and fitness activities. We have a team of well-qualified professional coaches to choose from who can all help you achieve ultimate wellness, even at a distance.

1 on 1 Coaching is a great option for you if:

  • You want to improve your health, fitness, and wellness
  • You enjoy working independently 1 on 1 with a coach
  • You want a personalized approach to your nutrition and fitness goals
  • You are looking for a customized experience with accountability and direction

Our 1 on 1 programs are a full-service health improvement commitment. You get the best from our healthy-living community while gaining connection and care from an independent coach.

*All members completing 1 on 1 Coaching will be required to choose a coach to which they will subscribe on a monthly basis. A 30-day written cancellation to our administration team will be required in order to terminate any monthly subscription payments.

Want to make the most of your program? We’ve prepared some quality add-on options to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching Program Add-Ons: 
  • Additional Check-Ins
  • Our Cookbook eBook
  • Our Guidebook eBook
  • Our Training On-The-Go eBook
  • Our very own App
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Coach Ashlyn, Coach Sydney, Coach Leslee R.D., Coach Carly

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Month-to-Month Coaching Subscription, Pay In Full – 3 months, Pay In Full – 6 months, Accountability Coaching Subscription, In-Person Coaching Subscription, Virtual Coaching Subscription

8 reviews for Coaching

  1. Jennifer G.

    I have tried so many different “diets” with NO long term results. Perfectfit4u not only have given me lasted results, but I have also LEARNED what I need to, to STAY successful!!! The plans are custom to whatever foods you like or dislike and for WHEN and how OFTEN you like to eat. The knowledge and expertise of the staff there are exceptional. I cannot recommend this place enough!!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

  2. Kelsie M.

    Photo speaks for itself. At #perfectfit4u you’re not getting a diet plan, you’re getting a lifestyle plan. You will get specially tailored nutrition & fitness plans with SO MUCH flexibility and variety. The entire team is VERY well educated and stay up to date on latest research & trends and change with them! They don’t just stick to the “same old” because it’s easy. If you’re thinking about a plan with #perfectfit4u, do it!

  3. Jayden P.

    I saw amazing results in a friend of mine and wanted to know what she had been doing. One year later I have a new path with a great group of coaches. Thank you for all you do, your support is the best!

  4. Vanessa F.

    Ashlyn and her team at PF4U has been amazing. I’ve trained other places, but never have felt so welcomed and supported in every way. It’s not just a “here’s your program, be compliant” kind of service, it’s a support system of developing the PERFECT FIT 4 U program including how to change your mindset to make you successful with your nutrition and exercise. This company is a must-have on your life regimen! ❤️

  5. Brittany B.

    I’ve been on a virtual program for a little over a year and I can not explain how much #PF4U has helped me grow and develop both my fitness and diet needs. My programs are tailored to me and my needs perfectly and I have learned so much from the coaching team! Hands down worth the investment!

  6. Tara H.

    Worth every dollar! I learned so much more than I ever thought I would about my-self, my nutrition and my fitness. So grateful to have found you, #Perfectfit4u!

  7. Lauren R.

    The best coaches ever! Flexible customized nutrition plans and amazing trainers. This company has so many success stories for a reason: they make your program work for you!

  8. Chelsy S.

    Amazing staff, very accommodating and my go-to for my weight loss and training needs! Highly recommend Perfectfit4U!

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