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The Transformation Challenge

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Re-Introducing our Life Transforming 12-Week Challenge – a journey designed exclusively for those who are ready to embark on a life-changing path towards wellness and self-discovery.

The Transformation Challenge is Perfectfit4u’s best-selling program which has generated hundreds of transformations across North America.

This challenge will be local to Lethbridge & area and include the original connection and  Perfectfit4u flavour that founded this whole program.

Are you ready to transform?

Next Start Date: September 25, 2023.

*This program is non-refundable 

*Sign up closes when max participation number has been reached

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Are you ready to embrace a new you? Join us on a captivating adventure where empowerment meets health and fitness, and self-love becomes your greatest motivation. Our comprehensive program is carefully crafted to guide you through a successful transformation, ensuring you thrive in every aspect of your life.



**In-Person Personal Development Workshop:** Kickstart your journey with an immersive in-person 1/2 day workshop that will ignite your inner fire and set the stage for personal growth. Uncover your potential, break through barriers, and learn to harness your strengths to fuel your fitness voyage.

**Weekly In-Person Training with Coach Carly:** Unleash your strength, endurance, and determination with our weekly in-person boot camp sessions with Coach Carly. Feel the camaraderie and energy of a supportive fitness community as you conquer challenges together.

**Body Composition Testing:** Watch the numbers evolve as you redefine your body. With monthly body composition testing, measurements and photos, you’ll witness the tangible results of your hard work, empowering you to push even further and celebrate every milestone.

**Personalized Nutrition Programming:**Nourish your body with a tailored nutrition plan that aligns with your goals and preferences. Both macros and a custom meal plan will be provided to each participant with alterations at each check in as needed.

**Personalized Training Programming:** Embrace workouts designed exclusively for you, because you’re unique. Our personalized training plans will cater to your fitness level and aspirations, ensuring every sweat session propels you closer to your goals while utilizing the equipment, time and gym options available to you.

**Weekly Virtual Mindset Meetings with Coach Sydney:** Your mind is your most powerful asset. Join Coach Sydney in weekly mindset meetings that will empower you with the mental resilience and positivity needed to overcome obstacles and maintain focus on your journey.

**Progress Assessment Meetings with Coach Ashlyn:** Reflect, recalibrate, and rejoice! Engage in insightful monthly progress meetings with Coach Ashlyn to track your accomplishments, fine-tune your strategy, and revel in your evolution.


Unveil the radiant, confident, and revitalized you at the end of this extraordinary 12-week challenge with a Perfectfit4u Photoshoot. Join us the last weekend of the challenge for hair, makeup, styling and refreshments as we celebrate the journey with a studio photoshoot.

Sign up today and become part of a community of unstoppable women rewriting their stories for the better.

Your transformation starts now!

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6 reviews for The Transformation Challenge

  1. Brianne B.

    The Team at #Perfectfit4u is amazing at what they do!!! Incredibly informative and such amazing professionals! Love this company, they are made to help enhance your wellbeing!

  2. Jesyka H.

    I was a client of Perfectfit4u about four years ago. I initially took the plunge and decided to go on this journey to lose weight for my wedding that was in 2014.
    With the help and knowledge from the Perfectfit4u Team I was able to reach my goal and lost 35lbs during the course of about 8 months. I felt amazing, beautiful, strong and extremely confident on my special day which was exactly what I wanted! ☺️
    Within these 4 years I have found balance within my life. I have also had my first baby who just turned one! I still to this day eat my oats and eggs for breakfast. I understand what to buy in the grocery store And even what veggies, fruits and meats are better over others. My husband is consistently losing weight and my daughter eats UNBELIEVABLY healthy. And I am also proud to say I weigh the least I ever have since highschool. (Even when I was on my plan with ash! ☺️❤️)
    The above paragraph and my life today would not be anywhere where it is if it wasn’t for the choice that I had made those 4 years ago to start a program with these inspiring people. I am the healthy happy balanced person today because of Perfectfit4u and the knowledge they offered to me has been something I live by each day.
    Is it hard, yes! You have to want it!! But If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone except this amazing group of individuals.
    Thank you guys so much!

  3. Nicole L.

    What can I say about the transformation challenge… LIFE CHANGING!
    When I first signed up I was excited, nervous and I even had second thoughts but there was no turning back. I soon realized this challenge was going to take a lot of hard work and determination but not only was I up for the challenge I was ready to make a change for the better. I have struggled with my weight and energy levels ever since I had kids. I didn’t enjoy looking in the mirror, getting dressed in the morning was a chore and I had very low confidence in myself. These last 12 weeks have been such an incredible journey. It’s been emotionally , physically and mentally challenging but most importantly it has been extremely fulfilling and life changing. This is the most rewarding thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I now get dressed with confidence and I’ve felt my energy levels increase. I notice a huge overall difference in how I carry myself as an individual and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I couldn’t have stayed on track without having the support from my amazing daughter Tayler as my workout partner; and of course the help of my coaches Ashlyn and Robbie (@perfectfit4u). They are two unbelievable individuals who genuinely LOVE what they do! I couldn’t have done it without all the support of my family and friends.
    This challenge ended up being way more than I expected and I couldn’t be happier with my new lifestyle!

  4. Erin V.

    If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself in all areas (physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially), the Transformation Challenge is for you. Talk about an experienced, loving, and fun community! As a fulltime working mom with two young kids, this has given me an anchor to looking after myself and my health. I feel stronger and more self-assured than ever before. Take the plunge…for you!

  5. Brittany M.

    #Perfectfit4u has given me so much more than just a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for all that you all have done for me and my family!

  6. Tarah

    Perfectfit4u has changed my life in ways I never knew were possible! The transformation challenge exceeded my expectations x1000, the amount of knowledge and support that the coaches and challengers showed was a huge part of my success! I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge and look forward to working with PerfectFit4U to reach my future goals!

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