Perfectfit4u App

Perfectfit4u App

The Perfectfit4u App enables clients the ability to see detailed demo videos of their workout plan, log their daily food intake and track their body composition stats over time. If adding the app subscription to your plan, you can cancel at any time with a 30 days’ notice.
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More than just an “app”

Interested in the ability to log your food daily to keep you on track and accountable to your plan and nutrition coaches? Curious as to the energy balance you are achieving through your nutrition programming and daily activity? Wanting to see detailed demo videos of your workout plan?
The #Perfectfit4u App is designed to allow PF4U clients the ability to utilize a large database of food items (or the ability to add your OWN food items) to accurately create a daily, weekly and monthly “Food Diary”. As well, the Perfectfit4u app provides demo videos of ALL exercises that are listed on your given programs!

Stay Connected and On-Track

The #Perfectfit4u App also enables you to keep body composition stats and graphs and to watch as your progress unfold over time!
Having your tracked workouts and food diary present on your Perfectfit4u user profile is helpful to our coaching staff when designing your continuing program alterations- it also gives your coaching team a mode of connection with you outside of the typical social media bases that are filled with family, friends and personal items.

Awesome Value

Perfectfit4u clients can receive a login username and password for $3.99 monthly. Your subscription to the app will auto-renew unless 30 day cancellation notice is given.