FemSport Training Package

FemSport Training Package

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#Perfectfit4u offers Team Training in preparation for Femsport Athletics © Competition.

The annual FemSport event will be held on June 20th, 2020 in Calgary.

Team #Perfectfit4u training will begin the week of March 23rd, 2020.

*All athletes who wish to be assigned #Perfectfit4u Teammate(s) must complete a mock competition at #Perfectfit4u prior to the chosen event.

*All FemSport deposit reservations are non-refundable


This spring, #Perfectfit4u is looking for Novice (New), Open (Returning) and Masters (40+ years) athletes to compete this summer as Perfectfit4u Athletes!

⁣All #Perfectfit4u Femsport Athletes will be provided with experienced coaching and surrounded by a positive community and empowering team environment.

We will be offering small group training sessions (3-6 participants maximum) in our private and welcoming space. We will provide ample preparation time and a variety of training options for all athletes:

Please be aware group training options will include:

  • Tues/Thurs mornings (6-7 AM)
  • Tues/Thurs evenings (6-7 PM)
  • Wednesday‘s lunch hour (12-1 PM)


  • Saturday’s (8-9 AM)

Our current Femsport Package includes up to 24 training session sign-ups. Athletes are not required to choose the same training times each week.

A complete schedule of training options will be provided for sign-up once payment is received. Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Additional #Perfectfit4u services including private personal training, body composition testing and nutrition coaching will also be provided to all athletes at a discounted rate.

We look forward to having new, past and current #PF4U community members as part of our team this season!

The package includes:

  • 24 small group training sessions
  • Team #Perfectfit4u Jersey
  • Team #Perfectfit4u Socks
  • Femsport specific Nutrition & Training Guide

Team training runs 12-weeks in length: beginning the week of MARCH 23rd, 2020 and ending with competition day (JUNE 20th, 2020). Team training is only offered ANNUALLY (1x per year).

Find out more about Femsport © [click here]

Please note: each participant who chooses to compete in Femsport will be asked to complete the following obstacles on competition day:

  • 18” Box Jumps (50 for time)
  • ~250 lb.+ Tire Flip (6 for time)
  • Burpees with 40 lb. Sandbag Press (15 for time)
  • Obstacle Course (balance beam, farmer carry, agility poles/ladders, car push)
  • Kettlebell Carry/Run (shuttling 50-70 lb. Kettlebells from one stand to the next, for time)
  • Tire Pull (running backward pulling tires with a rope, for time)

2 reviews for FemSport Training Package

  1. Jenn

    Training with #PF4U was SO MUCH fun! I can’t wait to compete in FemSport again. Such a great experience and community.

  2. Sherry

    Team #Perfectfit4u is the BEST! I had an absolute blast competing in FemSport last year.

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