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1x Coaching Call


A 1x coaching call may be used to:

  • Dive deeper with a coach prior to hiring them
  • Touch base and connect with a coach with whom you’ve worked previously
  • Seek guidance re: a specific concern or topic for which that coach specializes
  • Increase touchpoints of communication with their current coach outside of a standard 30 min client check-in.

By purchasing a 1x coaching call, clients are given the ability to gain virtual access to any Perfectfit4u coach for up to 60 minutes. This coaching call (completed via ZOOM, Phone Call or FaceTime) may be used by the client to seek guidance, deliver specific questions to their coach of choice, request particular feedback or gain suggestions and advice.

Please note:
The purchase of a 1x coaching call will not be followed with any specific tangible product (nutrition or training programming).
The purchase of a 1x coaching call does not grant the client email access to the coach.

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