Where can I buy BCAA's & Protein Powder? Recommend brands?

Popeye’s Supplements, GNC, Reflex Supplements, Supplement King.

Most brands will offer you similar macronutrient profiles- The biggest factor with BCAAs and Protein Powders is going to be your taste preference! Likely, the supplement store staff can point you in the direction of favourite flavours or sample packets.

Coach Ashlyn explains her personal favourites in her YouTube video at this link: https://youtu.be/0TLXNmn3_OA

Do I measure my meat cooked or raw?

You will measure your meat cooked, unless otherwise noted. If you prefer raw measurements for your protein, please email your coaches.

Do I have to track my food during my programming?

The option is completely your choice, but it is not necessary to track your food while following the program unless you are enrolled within a Macro Counselling or Macro Based program type. The Perfectfit4u App allows you to track your food, and enables your coaches the ability to keep an eye on your food choices, if you do choose to track them.

What do I do if I want additional food items added to my food plan?

You can email your nutrition coaches directly at nutrition@perfectfit4u.ca for small simple swaps and ideas. For larger changes to your regime, we ask that you document these and bring them up at your check-in so that we can implement more intensive changes with your new plan.

Can I change around the order of my meals?

Yes, absolutely you can! The order of your meals in our Lifestyle Programming is not concrete, as long as you still consume all of the food listed on your plan with the proper portion sizes, within your day’s length. If you are on a Competition Prep Program, please inquire directly with your coach prior to altering your meal order.

What if I can't eat my last meal until late at night?

In our Lifestyle based programming, the timing of your meals can alter as needed. You are OK to consume your last meal of the day late at night if this what your schedule allows. Never skip meals when hungry just because you will be going to sleep soon.

Where do I buy Kodiak Pancake Mix & Little Big Bread?

You can buy BOTH of these items in bulk at Costco. You can also now but Kodiak Pancake Mix at Reflex Supplements. Little Big Bread is available at most grocery stores (Save-On-Foods, Safeway, Wal-Mart), it is a Silver Hills © Brand of bread and will be in a blue packaging.

What are some tips to help get my water intake in?

You can try mixing a BCAA supplement in your water throughout the day OR adding a Crystal Light packet (in moderation) is also acceptable. High quality essential oils can also be used inside your water (lemon, grapefruit, etc.). Adding slices of lime, cucumber, lemon or mint is also acceptable for flavour. We recommend buying a large 2-4L water bottle and having this at your disposal throughout the day.

Do I get my POST-WORKOUT meal OR workout ONLY items on Active Rest Days?

Unless otherwise stated, NO you do NOT get your post-workout meal on active rest days, Post-Workout meals are reserved for AFTER structured training sessions.

Do I need to have my meal of choice?

Ideally, yes- we would like you to consume a Meal of Choice as listed on your programming. If your Meal of Choice is OPTIONAL- this will be noted directly on your plan. If your program asks for a weekly or biweekly “re-feed” meal- this is obligatory.

What do you recommend I have for my meal of choice?

If you have a family event or a special outing planned, we would recommend saving this meal for those events to ensure you can be social in these settings. A higher carbohydrate meal would be recommended: PIZZA, PANCAKES & PASTA are typically good options.

When will I receive my new plan after I have checked in?

Once you have checked in, whether this is through phone, FaceTime, email or in person- you will be sure to receive your updated regime within 7 days, or within one week from the time you completed your check-in. If you are in desperate need of your plan before a specific date, please inquire with your coach when you complete your check in.

How many additives can I have on my plan?

In the APPROVED ADDITIVES box on page 2 of your programming, you will find 2 columns. On the left, OPTION A and on the right, OPTION B. Next to each option, you will be given a MAX number of additives PER DAY for each category.

How much cashew/almond milk can I have?

Please see your additives list- Almond/Cashew milk will be noted in one of the columns along with a recommended portion size.

Do I need to take all of the supplements on my plan?

We recommend the daily vitamins and supplements noted on your nutrition regime. These are suggestions from your nutrition coaches and should be considered. If you have previously seeked medical counsel to establish a specific vitamin or supplement regime that you are comfortable and confident with, please share this with your nutrition coaches.

If I am in a bind and need a quick meal, where can I go that is in line with my meal plan?

Chopped Leaf ©, Pita Pit ©, Subway © and Freshii © are quick restaurants that can easily accommodate to your meal plan. Be creative! Ask for alterations if you need to! Remember, you are a customer and are allowed to ask for changes to a menu item.

If you are going to a sit-down restaurant, ordering grilled chicken breast, salmon, shrimp/prawns or steak is likely available. A side salad, steamed veggies, side of rice or quinoa or potatoes will usually be your best bet.

Take a look at your current meal plan and view the menu to make correlations: salads with pecans and avocado? Deli meat on a flat-bread? Often times you will not have the opportunity to weigh “on-the-go” food and THAT IS OK- do you best, use your knowledge, and try to plan ahead as often as possible.

Do I have to run for the cardio sessions in my training program?

The Coaches Notes will always have instructions for each exercise. If your program says “On a Cardio Machine of Choice” then you are free to pick any machine. If that is not written in your coaches notes, it means that your #Perfectfit4u Trainer wants you doing the specific exercise noted.

How heavy of a weight should I be using?

You should always choose a weight that challenges you based on the number of repetitions you will be performing. For example, if your program says to do 15 bicep curls, pick a weight that is tough to finish 15 reps. If you can do 3-5 extra reps with that weight, you should choose a heavier weight for your next set. If you can only complete 12 reps, choose a lighter weight. There will be some trial and error involved the first few times.

What if my gym does not have the equipment shown on my program?

Some gyms have equipment that work the exact same muscle group and may just look different then the image on your training program (i.e. Seated vs. Lying Leg Curls). In these instances, you can simply use the machine that is available at your gym. If there is no machine that performs the same function, you can always email your training staff at training@perfectfit4u.ca for a replacement exercise.

What is the little icon in the bottom left corner of the exercise pictures?

Activities marked with this sign and with the same number, belong together as a Superset or Circuit.